Check_sys ( is set of scripts written in Perl which can be used to monitor Linux servers. It collects data and stores it using RRDTOOL library.

At this time script can check:
  • system's load average
  • CPU usege
  • memory statistics
  • swap statistics
  • number of running processes
  • number of active ppp connections
  • uptime
  • statistics of filesystems
  • statistics of ethernet network interfaces (bits and packets)
  • disks' I/O statistics

  • automatically generates WWW tree
  • improved security by using taint mode
  • defined UID and GID of running processes
  • can collect data from a number of servers (via TCP/IP)
  • encrypted transmission between hosts (Blowfish) and autentification (by source address and encryption key)
  • user can select database's and graph's update interval
  • GNU GPL licence
  • logging through syslog

  • Linux 2.4/2.6
  • Perl :)
  • Crypt::Blowfish module (Debian - libcrypt-blowfish-perl)
  • RRD library + RRDs Perl module (Debian - librrd2 + librrds-perl) - only on host which generates graphs and updates databases (cs_drawer host)
  • Unix::Syslog module (Debian - libunix-syslog-perl)


    Download v.0.14


    If you use it please let me know.

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